Why not?

Would I wear exactly this outfit? Hell-to-the-Yeah! I love every single item and in an outfit they would look even better. Just months ago you would barely see me wearing any colour but since a short while that has changed drastically. Nowadays, almost every outfit I wear consists of at least one bright colour.

How come? I ask myself sometimes when I see huge increase of colour in my wardrobe. Perhaps the change of climate? living in a country where it’s always warm definitely is encouraging for your dressing-in-colour mood. Or perhaps my lack of stress lately? I can remember being completely stressed out over my exams in university doesn’t exactly makes me in the mood to wear colours. Anyway, I’m more than happy with my wardrobe changes and I hope you like it as well. Lately I’m really putting an effort to get to know the Australian fashion scene, which has resulted in finding plenty of interesting brands that suit my personal style. A little research brought me to www.showponyfashion.com and they have an awesome collection with feminent yet edgy items. The bag and cap are both from this website, don’t you love it?

1. Topshop top  click here
2. Topshop shorts click here
3. Topshop shoes click here
4. Asos necklace click here
5. Showponyfashion bag click here
6. Showponyfashion cap click here

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