Hi from the livingroom

I’m still so excited about my Fashionista feature! Too bad that I’m not able to buy the magazine myself because unfortunately they don’t sell it here in Australia. But, I talked to my sweet friend from Holland yesterday and she will send me one.
Let me give you a little update about my life. I’ve started working last week in a clothing store just 5 min. walking from my house. It’s the store ‘Taka Los Angeles’ and it’s in fact the first store that opens their doors in Australia. I only work two days week, -not really impressive- but it’s a beginning. I just really need some more structure in my life at this point, so I’m glad to change my routine a little bit. If there’s something I’ve learned the past 3 months, it’s that I have quite a paradoxal personality. I hated my hectic life in Holland so much -working two jobs and studying law at uni- so I was craving for some peace and quiet. But, when I got all the rest in the world I didn’t like it that much at all. Now, 3 months further, Australia really starts to feel like home in every single way. It’s still hard sometimes, especially the part of missing your family and friends but in general I’m a happy girl. Gotta go now, have to start cooking. Oh my, I feel such a housewife sometimes!

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