I’m in Fashionista magazine!

O-M-G. That’s what I thought when I heard I’d be having a whole page, pictures and a interview about me and my blog in one of my favorite Dutch magazines, Fashionista.
It’s just such a good feeling that my hard work and passion for my blog is paying off. And not to mention, how much fun is it to see your own face in a magazine? For the non-Dutchies, I will try to give you a summarize about the interview in the underneath. Hope you’ll like it! Please tell me what you think about it.
English translation
Malena started her fashionblog not even a year ago and already has 28.000 pageviews a month. She recently finished her bachelor in law and is now looking for a job in fashion. Until recently she lived in Deventer (Holland), but has now moved to Australia to live with the love of her life.
Claim to fame
“I’m surprised that big clothing chains offer me free clothes. Even though I’m only blogging for 8 months, I’ve already received some great clothes from several webshops. For example, a €100 giftvoucher from nelly.com.”
Nobody knows about me
“I’ve not always been a girly girl. Till around the age of 14 I was a tomboy who only wore boy clothing and didn’t want anything to do with makeup.”

“I’d love to have a Balenciaga city bag. To me, it’s the perfect basic to me. I think it’s timeless and simply beautiful. However, at this point in my life I don’t want to pay €1200 for a bag. I still live under the low budget motto when it comes to shopping and I’m more than happy with that.”

Feeling for fabric
“Inspiration for outfits I get simply by walking through clothing stores and going with my hands through the fabrics. With every beautiful item I see I instantly think of the different ways I could be wearing it.”
“Don’t worry about what other people think of you, it makes life a lot more fun.”

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