Hello! No time to make a big Bali travel post today, so instead I’m just going to share my day with you. Started my wednesday with cleaning, yay! The house was such a mess and the last days I just didn’t have the energy to tidy up. After that, I went to the bank and to a health insurance company because I needed some papers for my Australian visa. Yep, very boring.
In the afternoon I’ve been working on a fashion related project which I will tell you more about very soon. I always feel like talking about a project which didn’t really start yet brings bad luck, that’s why I stay quiet ;). Now I have a question to you. I’m always doubting whether I should share at my blog what I’m doing daily or not. In the end, this is a fashion blog and not a my-personal-life blog. However, the fashion blogs that intrigue me most are the blogs where I get the feeling I can get to know the blogger by reading their posts. Fashion blogs with stunning photography and  beautiful outfits are nice, but when I don’t get to know the person behind I don’t feel the urge to read their blogs everyday. What are your thoughts about this? xoxo, I’m off to watch Gossip Girl! 

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