Lime green and Tie dye

Pictures by H. Mounzer

When I was walking through the streets in my neighbourhood this morning I felt like something weird was going on. All people who were walking around looked extremely dressed up. The women wore fancy dresses, high heels and those little hats and the men were wearing suits. What the hell is wrong with people to walk around that much dressed up at 10 am on a tuesday morning, I thought to myself. Suddenly, I remembered my boyfriend telling me about a horse race in Melbourne called ‘The Melbourne Cup’, which is is a very known event here in Australia and it’s a tradition for people all over the country to dress up and watch the race. This is a funny part of moving aproad: experience traditions which you’re not familiar with and wondering what the hell is going on, haha. So, what do you think about my outfit? The sweater you might have seen before in this outfit but the skirt has never made it to the blog. Because of its special colour and texture the skirt isn’t very easy to match.

H&M trend skirt
Sportsgirl sweater
Rubi heels
Mango bag

H&M necklace
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