Worth Gold

I guess my gold pants are other people’s denim jeans. Since I bought them last February, I’ve been wearing them non-stop with everything. From Converse sneakers to high heels and with a simple white tee or a flashy sweater.

Speaking of denim, I haven’t worn a plain pair of denim jeans in such a long time. I don’t even own a pair of denim jeans right now, I only have the so called ‘coated jeans’ in my closet. You know, those pants with a leather-ish look. I’m actually on the hunt for some denim jeans and I have been looking in both stores as online, but I don’t see anything I like. So, if you have any recommendations for an online store that sells good denim jeans, let me know. Yesterday night my boyfriend and I were too lazy to cook, so we went for dinner in a place a few minutes walking from our home which has the best burgers I have ever tried. I always take the kids-size burger though, because the Australian burger size is way to big for me. After dinner we picked up some macarons in a little café and then we went to the cinema. I told you yesterday that we went to see the movie ‘A place for me’, and I can really recommend it to you. Such a sweet, fun movie!

Pictures by H. Mounzer
Bershka pants, Mango blazer (similar here), H&M top, Nelly heels, Zara bag

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