Floral statement

What do you think of the latest add to my jewellery collection? I’ve been eyening this one for weeks, but I didn’t want to buy it because I found it too expensive. However, when I walked into the store (Sportsgirl) once again two days ago, I couldn’t resist buying it because it was the last one.
I’ve had some busy days, so unfortunately not much time for blogging. Yesterday, I’ve been working and at night we had a dinner related to my boyfriends work. Caviar was on the menu, which was interesting because I’ve never tried it before. I’m not a big fan though, but the rest of the dinner was great and the evening was really fun. Now I’m going to get ready for a halloween party that two friends of us are throwing tonight. In Bali, we bought traditional clothing that the Hindu people wear during their ceremonies and that’s what we’ll be wearing tonight. Enjoy your weekend! 

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