8 Things you didn’t know about the FashionContainer team

Hello! We’re Malena and Tatiane from the FashionContainer team. In case you weren’t aware, we’re the girls behind the travel stories, personal style posts, lifestyle fun and more that’s being shared here daily. Besides business partners, we’ve also been friends since a long time and to get to know us a little better, we thought it would be fun to share 8 things you didn’t know about us. Including a few secrets, ssshh.

1. On the Plane

If you’ve been watching our travel video’s on the Click Travel Go Youtube channel, you might have noticed that at no occasion we sit next to each other. What’s the reason behind this? We both want a window seat and neither one of us is willing to compromise.

2. Deventer

We’ve both grown up in a small town in the East of the Netherlands called Deventer.

3. Picking side

Because we always stay in the same hotel room while travelling and both of us have a preference on which side to sleep, we take turns who’s turn it is to pick side. A few of the things we pay attention to before picking: window(s), electricity plugs, view.

4. Cold food

It’s more often than not that we eat our food somewhat cold because we document everything both on camera and on our phones. Yep, this job comes with some serious compromises.

5. On Monday’s we fight

When we’re not travelling, we work normal office hours from Monday to Friday. Even in the weekends we continue with work, but sometimes not in the same place. For some reason during the last few months, we always turn out arguing on Mondays. It’s become so much of an unwanted ritual that Monday is now known as ‘argument day’.

6. Whatsapp Groups

We’ve got this weird habit of starting Whatsapp groups with people we’ve met during our travels. Here we share the most random video’s, photos and funny conversations.

7. Morning vs. Night

Malena is a morning person, Tatiane is the night owl. Since we’re roomies now (at home and while travelling), Malena is the one in charge of breakfast and Tatiane makes dinner. #teamwork

After this post, you’re probably wondering this: Wow! They work together, they live together and they’re friends. How do you not kill each other? Well. There’s a post coming up with the topic ‘How to survive travelling with a friend’, so stay tuned!

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