10 Signs that You’re an Instagram Junkie

We all know by now that Instagram is a super fun and slightly addictive social network, but some of us (including myself, ahem) just take it a few steps further. Or maybe should I just say: a few steps too far. Go on, judge me.

 1. You make your boyfriend or friends wait 5 minutes on average after food gets served at a restaurant to create the perfect composition and photo to post on Instagram.
2. Your phone memory is permanently full. You’re regularly being interrupted during a photo session by your phone telling you that there’s no more memory.
3. You feel a constant urge to edit every photo to perfection, trying out a 1000 different filters and playing with the light, saturation and contrast for at least 10 minutes prior to publishing.
Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
4. The first thing you do after waking up is no longer checking your emails, but browsing your insta feed.
5. You get into serious panic when it’s 4 in the afternoon and you still haven’t posted anything on Instagram.
 6. You want the latest iphone for no other reason than that it has a ridiculously good camera.
 7. A smooth marble-like surface in the mall is no longer just a floor, it’s the perfect setting for your #fromwhereistand selfie. You know, like this:
8. You consider heart shaped cappuccino’s, pastries and macarons as art. Or anything that’s both pretty and delicious, for that matter.
9. A new purchase doesn’t count until it has been posted on Instagram.
10. You can’t walk passed a cute dog, a pretty sunset or a palmtree unless you’ve captured it on your phone.


And yes, I do indeed relate to most of these. Do you recognize yourself in any? And if so, which ones? Follow @FashionContainer for all of the above clichés and more.

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