Iphone Diary London

Time to share our Iphone pictures from London! This whirlwind trip involved lots of delicious food, cool perspectives on the city (hint: flying high!) and just a very fun couple of days which pictures of course have to be shared.

Arrived at the airport to fly to London, but first…It’s time for coffee. I was waiting for Tatiane to arrive so I spend some time going through my passport checking out old stamps.

She arrived! Wearing matching coats from Oasis. Something a little embarrassing happened. I was wearing this subtle ripped jeans, but somehow the hole became 10x larger and the jeans looked…. too ripped? In less than 1 hour 3 people commented on it. Whoops.

We arrived at London Stansted airport late at night, only to find out that public transport to our hotel was going to take a life time. Sigh. But… we finally managed to get to our hotel thankfully.

Up in the air with the London Helicopter! So so exciting. We sat at the front seat, meaning that you can literally look down on London. We’ve done this previously in New York and I just love it so much. We flew right along the Thames River passed all London’s most famous icons. Here we’re flying just above the Tower Bridge as you can see! Still pinching myself at moments like this. I couldn’t have imagined everything I’m doing now a year ago.

We had kind of a hilarious situation when we just entered the restaurant. Minutes before while still outside, I changed my sneakers wit heels at the side walk and remembering putting my phone besides me while doing so. When we entered the restaurant, I suddenly realized I couldn’t find my phone. So in blind panic, I kicked off my heels, ran out of the restaurant, risked my life by stopping cars at a busy road in order to get to where I thought I left my phone, only to find it’s not there. Running back (still bare foot, lol) to the restaurant only to see Tatiane saying way too calmly: “it’s here”. O.M.G. So to make a long story short, this is what we’re cheersing on in this picture.

By bye London! It was short but sweet. Stay tuned with our upcoming travels on Instagram at our accounts @fashioncontainer and @tatianekozijn. I hope you liked having a peek into our trip with our Iphone pictures.

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