Iphone Diary 02.08.15

Iphone diaries, we’re back. Yay! This week involved lots of coffee and little sleep. Or actually that goes for the last three weeks. Lots of office hours, fun dinner and cinema dates with friends and some BIG planning for upcoming work trips. We’re kicking off in one week and I can’t wait. Portugal, we’re coming for you…

Received some gorgeous Nialaya jewelry in the mailbox and immediately put them on. The bracelet is made from delicate silver with gold plating and has cz diamonds in it. Works perfectly with my watch! You can find the ring here. Well, if this jewelry + a good coffee doesn’t make a Monday better, than what would?

Hello from the office that isn’t really an office. Recently we’ve been working standard office hours from 10-6 in our favourite coffee place White Label coffee in cool up and coming neighbourhood “De Baarsjes” in Amsterdam. I’ve recently joined Snapchat btw, you can find me at fc_malenav for behind the scenes videos.

At night we go out for a bike ride with a bike which Tatiane borrowed from a friend of hers. How cool is the basket at the front? Perfect for a grocery run…

We made a stop at Yscuijpje for ice cream. I’m having raspberry which is perfectly matchy matchy with the flowers…

Brainstorming sessions over coffee in the “office”...

Time to get to work! Go team. Have you read the latest post that explains everything about the upcoming changes on FashionContainer? You can check it out here.

At night we’re invited for dinner at a friend’s place for some Lebanese food. Which I unfortunately didn’t make pictures of…. This is a shot from while we’re walking there.

Breakfast meetings are the best kind of meetings, if you ask me. Very interesting morning with even more interesting people. If you take a closer look at the placemats you can figure out who hosted the meeting and I bet you’ll be able to fill in what it’s about…

First time shooting in weeks! There was so much content to catch up and other more important things to do, but we’re back on track now. I’m wearing a maxi dress from Chicwish

Curious onlookers while we’re shooting!

Printed memories from Thursday night. Now I want a polaroid camera myself, how cool!







In need of carbs and coffee after a short night… YUM!


This is a shot from the previous week, but I’m sharing it anyway. I went to the beach with my brother for catch ups over drinks and pizza, so much fun.

Delicious pizza. But I don’t like it when they serve wine in glasses like this, it just doesn’t feel right.

Went for a family visit this weekend in the east of the country. I decided to go for a walk in the woods near home but I once again got terribly lost. I saw deers and wild pigs though, pretty cool!

Visited ‘Paleis het Loo’ with mum today. This is the view from the top of the palace overlooking the gardens. How stunning are the patterns?

And some more garden wandering…


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