5 Reasons why you should love yourself

Let’s talk self love! Do you often talk yourself down or do you compare yourself to others, thinking you’re not enough? Then here are 5 reasons why you should start loving yourself.

1. You are unique

The most beautiful thing about being yourself is the fact that there’s only one of you! Sure, there will be people that resemble you. But there’s nobody quite like you. Be proud of it. I know we sometimes feel the need to start doing all these crazy, excessive things in order to appear unique, but fact is that it’s so much simpler than that. Just by being who you are you’re already unique. No need for trying.

2. If you don’t love yourself, nobody else will

No, it’s not easy. The most important thing however is to really make an effort to love yourself. Contrary to what you might think, loving yourself doesn’t mean you have to like everything about yourself. It has to do with accepting the fact that you are who you are. Good and bad. Always work on the things you don’t like about yourself, but never make your flaws a reason for not loving yourself. Remember, we’re all a work in progress and that’s OK.

3. You are Beautiful

Plastic surgery. A nip and tuck. Injections here and there. Are we the only ones that are disturbed by how much of a common ‘household’ thing in our society this has become? Don’t get tricked in the illusion of thinking that being happy with yourself is going to get any easier by changing your looks. Truth number one is that loving yourself isn’t going to get easier with ‘fixing’ your looks, truth number two is that we’re all going to get old and die. Really, nobody (including yourself) is going to love you more just because an injection or two in your face.

4. Don’t compare yourself

Us humans have a tendency to think that other people are better off than our self. We think they’re prettier, smarter, have better jobs, relationships or anything really. Often we don’t even look further than what we see on the outside. Truth is that how someone presents her or himself often doesn’t have anything to do with how they really feel or what they go through. Always remember that everybody is fighting their own battles.

5. Peace

If you’re still in a battle with yourself, your partner or your environment, “being in peace” with yourself, your thoughts and your mental state of mind might sounds unnatural to you. As you get older, you’ll start accepting yourself and a sense of calm will just enter your life. You stop worrying so much about things that don’t matter. It will be a continuous effort, but it will get better! Time is everything.

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What does loving yourself mean to you? Why is it important?

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