5 Online Marketing Blogs you need to read

Despite having graduated in Law, I’ve always had a keen interest in anything to do with marketing. My first real job was for an online store whilst living in Australia developing marketing strategies, managing social media and everything in between. When you don’t have a solid study background in the domain you work in, lots of reading is a must and thankfully in this day and age there’s an incredible amount of quality blogs and websites with relevant info. Today I’m listing my favourite ones which are incredibly useful if you run a blog or have an online business!

Buffer App (CLICK)

Some of you might now Buffer as the handy tool that allows you to schedule social media posts ahead of time, but to me Buffer has become much more than that. Whenever I’m stuck with my social media strategy or I have a hard time adding structure in everything online that I do on a daily basis for FashionContainer, I head to their Social Media Tips section. Here you’ll not only find useful, ready-to-implement tips but also inspiring stories that give you the kick in the butt when you need it.


Oh, where would one be without Moz? As a blogger you’re forced to familiarize yourself with topics such as SEO, Google analytics and other techie stuff, and you might as well use Moz as your one stop shop to learn it all.  You can easily filter posts by subject in the right upper corner, which makes it easy to find exactly those posts you need.

The Nectar Collective (CLICK)

Melyssa’s blog for creative go-getters never fails to inspire. If you’re like me and you’re into lists and easy to understand step-by-step tutorials, you’ll love the Nectar Collective for everything from getting new inspiration to finally putting together your blog’s media kit. A few articles I love are for example 3 ways to get ahead as an entrepreneur and 7 signs your business will succeed. I personally love reading blogs that have been written from a personal perspective and Melyssa does exactly that. I love getting to know her bits by bits while reading her posts!

Jennypurr (CLICK)

Whenever I read Jenny’s blog posts, I feel like I gain new insight into my own mindset and somehow manage to grasp where I have to change or adapt when it comes to being the best version of my creative self. Quite an impressive quality for a blog, you could say!  Read  for example a personal post she wrote about how I started my creative business without a day job & almost no budget and  five ways to take your blog from a hobby to a game changer.

Social Media Examiner (CLICK)

Like the title already says, this blog shares all kinds of useful information regarding different social media channels. Want to spice up your facebook strategy but don’t know how? Stuck with twitter or do you have no idea how Pinterest can be used to the advantage of building your brand’s online presence? Social Media examiner has answers to it all. With easy step by step how-to’s and visuals, you’ll be an expert in no time.

What are your favourite online marketing websites?


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