Peach in the desert

Showing you the first pictures from last weekends road trip, I had an amazing time! As a girl from Holland – a country which is very small and crowded – it’s an amazing experience to be driving on empty roads for hours with nothing but raw nature around.
The first day we went to visit the so called ‘Pinnacles’ which is an astonishing scenery consisting of a lot of pointy rocks in a desert. You can find a lot of wildlife in this area, for instance kangaroos, lizards (very big one’s!) and emu’s. I thought it would be fun to wear a very outstanding outfit with colour while going to the desert, so I opted for this peach coloured maxi skirt which I bought here in Austalia a couple of weeks ago. The skirt reminds me very much of  a skirt from the previous Zara collection, which I finally didn’t buy because I found it too expensive. I chose for a not very usual combination of wearing a chunky leather jacket with a pretty colourful skirt, but I believe it makes an outfit more interesting when the combination is not very obvious. I have a lot more outfits and pictures to show you guys, so stay tuned. Also planning to finally introduce my boyfriend to the blog, as you might be wondering who is the guy I’m talking about all the time.

  Ph. H. Mounzer

Jacket H&M Trend
Top Sportsgirl
Skirt Valley Girl
Belt Mango
Sandals Zara
Bag Sportsgirl
Earrings Gift from a friend

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