Colour Clash

The moment I spotted this jacket, I istantly fell in love with it. Perhaps not my usual style, I mean it reminds me of barbie who I don’t exactly associate myself with, but I’m head over heels with it.

Feeling all girly, I decided to put on some pink lipstick as well. I mentioned last week that I was going to purchase MAC candy yum-yum, but that particular shade was unfortunately not available in David Jones, a local department store. So instead, I went for a pink shade very close to the one I initially planned on buying (Pink Nouveau). 
I’m very happy with this outfit and it shows me that even garments, such as this jacket, which are a little out of my comfort zone, can be adjusted to my personal style easily. The combo of the jacket with denim shorts instantly toughens up the outfit a little bit. Oh, and as you have probably noticed looking at these pictures: it was darn windy that day. Hope you like the post and looking forward to hear your thoughts!
Thank you, by the way for your great comments on my latest post. Your lovely words encourage me to open up about my personal life more often.

 Pictures by Hassan Mounzer
ASOS jacket (now on Sale!), H&M denim shorts (similar here), Zara tee (similar here), Mango bag (similar here or here), ASOS heels, Michael Kors watch

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