Australia Anniversary

Sand dunes in Lancelin. [Find the post here and buy the skirt (similar) here or here]
Exactly a year ago, just a week after hearing the liberating words that I got my bachelor degree in law, I moved to the other side of the world to start a new life with my boyfriend.
My first reaction when I realized that we are living together since a year, was: Wow, we didn’t kill each other. I think everyone who has just moved in together, knows what I’m talking about. It’s just such a challenge to get along and find a good balance together. What made it even harder, is the fact that we only had each other here. No family at all and no one else to rely or fall back on. Throughout this year we have surely faced a lot of struggle, arguments and drama, but I can proudly say that after a challenging year, we have finally found peace. That might sound a bit dramatic, but it’s really true. Besides feeling like my relationship has finally settled down, I also feel like that about my life in general. I guess after all it’s true what they say. You really need an entire year to adjust yourself to a new country and feel home. The first time I realized that I really didn’t want to be in another place on earth than in Perth with my boyfriend, was after I visited my family in the Netherlands last March. I felt like I could finally ‘close’ a chapter, which I wasn’t able to do before I left to Australia the first time.

As I was going through my files, to sort out the pictures for this post, I realized how much I have seen and travelled the past year. Amazing places that I could never even have dreamt of to visit at such an early stage in my life. I am truly grateful for the life I’m living, for my boyfriend who has supported me so much throughout this year and for my new friends who have given me the feeling of home.

Because I have got so much more to share about my experience with moving abroad, there will be another post on this topic soon. I’m fascinated by the fact how much I have become aware of myself, my personality and my habits since I live abroad and I feel passionate to share my experiences about this.
I wanted to keep this post very simple, feeling the need to just take a moment to be thankful for what I have.
For now, enjoy the pictures which represent  my life in Australia best. Nature, Joy, Love.

Rottnest Island. Only a 20 minutes ferry trip away from Perth, you find this piece of paradise. I was amazed by the underwater life, the cute quokkas (mini kangaroo) and the stunning crystal blue water.
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A selfie taken on our Margaret River roadtrip. We stayed at a campsite right next to the beach in Yallingup. It was an extraordinary beautiful beach, where saw dolphins twirling around in the early morning and enjoyed snorkeling in the beautiful reefs.
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My first ever road trip in Australia. We went up north, to visit the Pinnacles. I have never seen more outspoken colours in any landscape before than in Australia.
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The Pinnacles in Western Australia
Parrots in every colour of the rainbow. Yup, Western Australia truly is a paradise.
Colour clashing in the Pinnacles desert. I love the contrast of my outfit and the stunning nature.
[Find my North Roadtrip post here and buy the skirt (similar) here]
We took this picture in Mandurah, which is about an hour south from Perth. Not sure if these birds are fighting or one of them is begging to be fed.
Wedge Island, Western Australia. The crystal blue water is just wow.
Probably my favorite spot in Perth, Kingspark. The view is so stunning that it almost looks fake. I mean honestly, doesn’t it just look like wallpaper?
Whale watching! Very close to the Perth shore, we spotted these impressive creatures.
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Christmas on the beach. Yep, I can get used on that.
[Find the post here]
Perth city beach, my favorite to go beach, which is a 10 minute drive from my home.
[Find the post here
Lemon trees in my neighbourhood.
Driving on endless, empty roads. I love it, definitely something different than my overpacked country.
I spotted this koala while I was on a daytrip to Moore river with friends. I have seriously been laughing so much when I saw him laying there. Aren’t these creatures the ultimate form of laziness? (I mean, sleeping about 22 hours a day, really?)
[Find the post here]
Perth city beach. I always enjoy the big waves at this beach.
My love and I on Rottnest  island, that was such a fun day. Biking on the island, Snorkeling, Good lunch. I honestly can’t wait to go back.
Surrounded by kangaroos in Whiteman park. Male kangaroos seem to prefer women over men, because when my boyfriend came close they made a protesting sound and all ran off.
Redgate beach, Margaret river. This is without a doubt the most stunning beach I have ever visited in Australia. The almost turquoise water, the beautiful rocks… just heaven.
Bright colours, both in my outfits as in the nature around me. This picture gives me the ultimate summer feeling.
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Happiness on Redgate beach. When the nights are warm enough again, I will definitely go back to Margaret River for camping.
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Penguin Island. A real must see when you are in Perth. The island is a 20 minute walk (the water is only a half a meter deep) from the Rockingham shore and the island with its cute penguins, army of pelicans and good snorkeling is just gorgeous.
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My very first day in Australia, a bit jet lagged but absolutely amazed by stunning Kingspark.
Pastries and Coffee while on our Roadtrip in Margaret river.
Collaboration with Swimspot on Perth city beach.
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