5 tips to take GREAT photos with your Iphone

Written by: Tatiane Kozijn | Instagram: @tatianekozijn

The camera –may it be my DLSR or basic Iphone camera – and I are best friends. Where I go the camera is, where the camera is there’s me. I used to love snapping the most random of things, but these days I like to think through every photo I take and the same goes for my Iphone snaps. Get ready, because today I’m sharing my best tips for getting that one incredible photo!

I’ve understood from my friends that looking at very photo from a photographer’s point of view can be quite intimidating. It’s true I guess, because I’m highly critical of the photos people take, including my own photos. Well, let’s just say that I feel extremely passionate about taking photos the right way. I just don’t understand how you can take a photo without noticing half of someone’s head is cut off, while on the background you see someone picking his nose. Being aware of your environment and subject that you photograph is where it all starts. Anyway, before I drift off any further let me get started with the tips.

1. Clean your Iphone

The lens of the camera that is, of course. It’s such a logical thing to do, but it seems many people are completely unaware how a tiny bit of dust can downgrade the quality of a picture dramatically. When you think about it, it totally makes sense. You put your phone down on tables, squish it in your too small jacket pocket and it’s often covered with finger prints. It may look like everything is fine when taking the photo, but when browsing your camera roll you’ll see that the photo is blurry. When you make cleaning the lens of your phone a habit before you start a photo session, you’ll not get disappointed with the quality afterwards. Malena and I once totally messed up both our Iphone photos when were kayaking through the mangroves in Key West. For some reason, both our phones ended up covered in sunscreen. Result? Only blurry photos. Such a bummer.

2. It’s all about the light..

If the light isn’t right, you can take as many photos as you like but it’s very unlikely you’ll be satisfied with the result. The most important thing to do when you’re not quite happy with the result is to keep moving around until you find light that works. And when all fails, you have to give nature a hand by asking your friends to help you out with some extra light. I often do this when I’m having dinner in a restaurant that is too dark to get a good photo.

3. Impossible positions are weird but the best.

Put 10 people in the same spot to take a photo of subject and everyone will probably snap an identical picture. In a situation like this, let’s say you’re at a wedding, a good photographer wants to take a photo from an angle or position that nobody else has while we’re all in the same space. What to do? Get moving, shoot a photo from a different angle, play with the light, work with height, stand on  chairs. A photo from above can give a photo such a different dimension! Let’s be honest though, people often feel uncomfortable to stand on a chair in public. I personally see it as a challenge.Weirdest moment? During the work trip Malena and I made in the United States I once stood on a chair to photograph our breakfast in the middle of a very, very luxurious hotel. You should have seen people’s faces, it was hilarious.

4. Take 1,2,3

If you think that great photos get captured at the first try, you’re wrong. There’s many different factors that play their part in creating that one great photo. The light, your position, the subject you’re trying to capture. Once you know what you want to photograph, it’s key to take a few different snaps for you to choose from later. It just increases your chances of having that one phenomenal photo…

5. Treat your product untill the end..

Have that one phenomenal shot? Good for you! But you’re not done yet.  Every photo, regardless of how awesome, needs that last finishing touch. I’m personally an advocate for a minimal, natural retouch that where you enhance the colours and light subtle. Oh, and don’t underestimate the effect of a cropping tool. It can totally help a photo to pop out. Done tweaking and twisting? Your photo is now ready to share with the world! Curious about which apps the FashionContainer team uses? Make sure to check out the “5 apps that will make your Instagram look amazing” post.

Have fun getting that perfect shot! I hope these tips were helpful. Are there any photo tips or tricks you want to share with us?

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