What’s in my bag

Spilling the secrets of what’s in my bag! Because us women always have to be prepared, right? After years dragging along a massive tote bag with all kinds of unneccesary stuff, I’ve finally taught myself to only bring what’s really important. So let me share my ‘what’s in the bag’ story.

1. Phone

Oh where would we be without phone? nowhere. Truth is that #bloggerlife really evolves about having a fully charged phone at all times. From snapping pictures to ordering an Uber or aimlessly scrolling on Facebook to kill time. (phone cover by Two-o)

2. Sunglasses

Whoever says that sunglasses are only to protect your eyes from the sun is a liar! Works great covering up puffy eyes after a short night or accessorize a casual outfit.

3. Lipstick

I’d be nowhere without my favourite lipstick! The one that’s always in my bag is Lady Danger by MAC. The perfect finishing touch at all times: whether it’s to bright up a tired face or when I run straight from day time meetings to a dinner.

4. D&G light blue

I love light, breezy and feminine perfumes! D&G light blue is one of my current favourites, very fresh for the summer months.

5. Head set

Absolutely necessary ever since the volume of my iphone no longer properly works for my phone calls. Oops. And ofcourse to listen to music!

6. Blush

Refreshing make-up throughout the day is best done with blush. ‘pale pink’ by Bobbi brown is amazing and gives those healthy, glowy cheeks.

7. Lip balm

Severely addicted since 2003. I’m using lip balm throughout the day and get serious panic attacks when I can’t find it in my bag. Aaaahhh

8. Keys

Kind of pleasant to be able to get in your home after meetings, a day of a work or a night out, right? so keys. I’ve locked myself out too many times in this life.

These products are my life savers, all day and everyday. Oh, and I feel so incredibly accomplished for the fact that I fit all my essentials in a boxy sized bag instead of an oversized tote. #proudmoments.

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