5 reasons why Peijnenburg Zero should be in your handbag

Chomp, Chomp, Peijnenburg. If you’re not from the Netherlands you’re probably be wondering by now what on earth we’re talking about. ‘Ontbijtkoek’ that is. A sweet snack to eat as on-the-go breakfast or at any other time of day you desire! The revolutionary news is this: you can now finally enjoy Holland’s yummiest snack guilt free because Peijnenburg Zero was born. Like the name already spills, it contains no added sugar! The FashionContainer team is from the Netherlands and that’s why we think it’s about time to introduce you to the snack everyone grew up eating, from middle school throughout university and as adults working full-time jobs. Want to know 5 reasons why you should be having Peijnenburg in your hand bag? Then read on. 

1. Yummie, Yummie

Like you’re probably aware by now, the FashionContainer team has a slight obsession with food. For proof, just have a browse on our instagram feeds (@fashioncontainer and @tatianekozijn). Dinner, lunch, but our favourite: snacks! You name it, we eat it. Peijnenburg certainly makes it right at the top of the list as quick and easy snack to refuel during busy days we spend on the go running from meeting to meeting or when we’re stuck in the office and need a little energy kick.

2. It’s healthy!

Are you that kind of person that is on a strict diet of cucumber, apples and celery as snack only and are you’re ready for something better? There now is Peijnenburg Zero. Great for everyone who wants to cut-down on sugar intake but doesn’t want to compromise on taste. No added sugar! Plus, it’s nutritious with lots of vibers. By the way, did you know that Peijnenburg Zero been voted as healtiest snack by the Dutch Consumers’ Association? (Consumentenbond)

3. Easy on the go

It’s small, lightweight and takes up little space in your handbag. Plus, the packaging protects your ontbijtkoek to stay fresh, yummy and moist at all times.

4. Not that hungry yet

Feeling like food when you still have some time to go until lunch or dinner? Then Peijnenburg zero is your best friend to fill up your stomach with something both nutritious and delicious.

5. Something different!

There’s a huge amount of different snacks to choose from, but let’s be honest that most of us usually stick to our save choices and habits. But why not spice things up and try something new? Peijnenburg came, saw and conquered us. Always in our handbag!

So for the international readers that haven’t tried out our country’s pride yet: give Peijnenburg Zero a taste the next time you’re around. And for the Dutchies amongst us: are you an ‘ontbijtkoek’ fan like us? Are you curious to try the new Peijnenburg zero?

Photographer: Tatiane Kozijn | Instagram: @tatianekozijn

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