How to survive the winter blues

As soon as January kicks in, when the parties are over, the temperature drops to below zero and I no longer feel to get out of bed, I know one thing for sure: I have the winter blues.

And yes, yes, if you’ve been reading the latest posts on FashionContainer you know that we don’t have a lot of reasons to complain since we’ve been away to much warmer places for the last 2 months, but still. Winter just sucks!

The most important thing is this: how do we get out of that low, depressive mood a.k.a the winter blues?

Book a trip

While we’d love to advice you to just avoid winter all together and escape to the Caribbean, we know that’s maybe not very feasible. But why not instead grab that holiday catalogue, get your friends together and plan a little getaway? Even if you can’t avoid winter at the spot, having a tropical summer trip to look forward to definitely eases some of the pain.

Make yourself a nice wintermeal

Treat yourself with a good, typical winter meal! In the Netherlands we have some classics like ‘boerenkool’ (basically mashed potatoes with kale and sausage on the side) or ‘erwten soep’ (green pea soup). Cozy up on the sofa, watch a dvd and enjoy.

Buy warm and comfy clothes

Yep, another great reason to go shopping. You can’t conquer winter in your cute summer dresses so that asks for some serious knit and blanket like coat shopping. And let’s be honest, winter fashion can be so cozy and fun!

Drink Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate all day, everyday. In some European countries the ultimate winter drink is Gluhwein but generally speaking the preferred drink in the Netherlands is hot chocolate. Ofcourse with extra whipped cream. Just because it tastes great and eases the painful side effects of winter.

Meet friends

When the winter blues hit, chances are that all you really want to do is wrap yourself in a blanket on the sofa and don’t leave the house the entire week. However, this is probably the worst thing you can do when feeling down. Get out, meet friends for coffee, go for a walk. Being social is the best uplifting medicine for low moods!

Do you guys have the winter blues? What’s your miracle solution to deal with it? Let us know in the comments below!

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