Personal: Moving to Dubai and how I’m preparing for it

Some of you might have caught a glimpse of this news before here on the blog, but I felt it was a good time to write a post about it since it’s all I’ve been thinking and talking about with Hassan, friends and family lately. From the Netherlands to Australia and now I’m moving temporary to Dubai. I couldn’t have imagined that I’d get to experience so much of our beautiful world at 24 years old.

Why are you moving?

Hassan’s job will require re-locating probably throughout our lives and a few months ago the opportunity came up for him to work in Dubai for a while, which we were both very excited about. A lot things were still unsure a few weeks ago though, because we didn’t want to leave Australia without being permanent residents, since this gives us the freedom to always come back here. We both have different backgrounds, but we’ve started to see Australia as home in these two years, so getting the permanent residency meant a lot to us.  And guess what? We got our paper work approved on Monday and we’re now Aussie residents! Hassan and I celebrated with dinner in drinks at Little Creatures in Fremantle, such a great day. Living in Dubai for a while would be good for us both, since it’s closer to our families (4 hour flight to Lebanon, 7 hour flight to the Netherlands, instead of 20+ hours from Perth) and we both just love changing up our lives every once in a while. Even though I love Australia, I do miss the hustle and bustle of Europe and for that matter Dubai. There’s so much more life, there’s always a place to go or things to see. And oh, most restaurants and shops are open until midnight. Score. Not to do down Perth, but I’ve been feeling a little like a granny here staying at home all the time with nowhere to go past 6 o’clock. So yes, I’m looking forward to spice up life a little.


I assume that we’ll be leaving somewhere in September, but there’s still so much to sort out! Besides more paper work, a new home, putting our furniture into storage (we’ll come back!) & deciding on what to bring and what not. A while ago I sold quite a lot of my wardrobe already on the Melville markets in Perth, but yesterday I’ve done another clean up which I’ll be selling this Sunday on the markets again. I’ve officially gotten rid of 75% of my closet, can you believe it? It’s actually so refreshing and the more I get rid of, the more I start to understand my own personal style. Two things I’ve learnt while sorting out my clothes: 1) The items I spend the most money on are usually the ones I get the most wear out of. 2). If the fit doesn’t feel right, just don’t buy it because you’ll never wear it. I’ve got some friends coming as “V.I.P shoppers” of my closet before I sell the rest this weekend, so much fun. My aim is to only bring 2 suitcases to Dubai. Yes, really.

New Life

Moving abroad is always hard, but considering that this is my second time I know what I’m getting myself into to some extent. I’ve learned a lot from the mistakes that I made when I came to Australia, so I’m really determined to do things differently this time! The most important thing for myself is that when I get to Dubai, I’ll create a life around me as if I’m going to be there forever. If you go somewhere with that mindset, you automatically make a lot more effort in all areas of your life, building a strong social network for example. Happiness guaranteed. 


Do you live in Dubai or do you have any tips for me, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I’d love to hear your stories! Read my previous Dubai travel posts here and here.

February 2013, The Dubai Mall.

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