Stripes oh Stripes

Just a picture of today to say hello! I first wanted to put a picture from the same series in which I look a bit unfriendlier. But, I figured it would look too much like a prison picture with its plain white background and striped shirt.
I wore three of my current favorite items today; a striped shirt, some ripped denim shorts and a metallic coloured statement necklace. All are very easy to wear and to mix and match. I love those versatile items which enable you to create a different look everyday. Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to the zoo here in Perth. It was seriously so much fun. Also, I recorded my first video for the blog. Not something special, see it as a little try out: a one minute during video where I just introduce myself & my blog. I’ll upload the video on my blog tomorrow. Hope you guys will like it! Oh, and I experimented with some light pink lipstick as you might notice in the picture (a very cheap one which fades within minutes), but I was wondering if any of you have recommendations for a good quality pink lipstick?
H&M shirt
Lovisa metallic necklace
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