The Tranquil lifestyle at Las Brisas in Ixtapa

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, hello! This city on Mexico’s pacific coast took us two days to be able to pronounce but only one minute to fall in love with. Not just with the place itself and everything that it has to offer, from the raw nature to beautiful clear blue ocean and jungle, but also the hotel we had the pleasure of staying at for 4 heavenly nights. Las Brisas, meaing Breeze. Which couldn’t be more approporiate name for a place situated right next to the ocean where you hear the waves crashing on shore from your bed at night and a small breeze coming into the room when we left the balcony doors open.

Private little oasis

As we’re on the topic of our room anyway, let’s get right into it! The first thing we noticed upon entering was the spacey set-up. With the size of our luggage and our habits of spreading clothing all over the room, a feeling of space is something much much welcomed. The interior of the room perfectly blends in with the vibe of the resort itself and its exceptional location situated on the beach. It’s light, has an eye for detail and some fun, colourful bohemian touches. Other than our two large and super comfy beds, the lounge corner right next to the balcony with a sofa and chairs was also a favourite of ours. Each of the rooms in Las Brisas has an ocean view and watching the sun go down from the hammock (how cool!) is just the ultimate feeling of bliss.

Not your regular resort

Large resorts normally are not necessarily associated with privacy and ultimate quiet time, but Las Brisas really is a different story. Especially its spacey set-up surrounded by jungle and a beach that’s never overcrowded makes for a much more low-key and relaxed experience than you’d expect for a large resort with 416 rooms. A big plus, in our point of view! To get from the lobby to the swimming pool you walk right through an actual jungle, complete with water stream running down the hill and all kinds of colourful birds flying over.That’s when you know for sure that you’re at a very unique location. The pool area features the best of both worlds. In one way you get to enjoy the raw beauty of the cliffs, turquoise ocean and jungle you look down on, but on the other side you have the comforts and luxury of a restaurant to have lunch or a cocktail to enjoy at while chilling on your deck chair. Now that’s luxury done right!

Food, my friend

Let’s be honest here, the food is a very important part of any holiday! Las Brisas has 5 different restaurants, bars and snack spots all with different international cuisines so there’s plenty to choose from. Our personal favourite was the Portofino restaurant beautifully looking out over the ocean in the most romantic setting (perfect honeymoon material!), serving great seafood and cocktails. Breakfast, another favourite topic of ours, served at the Bellavista was equally great. First of all: the view! Looking out over the bay while seeing the sun come up (yep, we had a few very early starts) definitely was one of the best locations we’ve ever had breakfast at. The selection is great, both the buffet and a la carte. Great green juices and smoothies! yum.

The private bay

We believe one of the uniquest features of the hotel is its private, sandy bay and so there has to be given that a little extra attention to! No crowds, always a deck chair available, the most beautiful sunsets to be witnessed, surrounded by cliffs and cacti that make for the ultimate Mexican atmosphere. Just because of the private beach it would be so easy to spent and entire week here without even wanting to leave the resort for a moment…

Wearing: Oasis pleated dress

Photographer: Tatiane Kozijn | Instagram: @tatianekozijn
Location: Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Mexico

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