6 Tips to make the Best Street photos while Travelling

Who else LOVES taking photos of cute cobblestone streets, pretty doors, hidden corners, flower stands and anything else that has some kind of charm while abroad? We are guilty. Here are some insider’s tips to get those great photos that don’t look like the ones everyone else already has.

1. Blame it on the tourist

Rule number one for a good travel photo? No flocks of tourists in your backdrop! It’s always a bummer when you find a beautiful spot for a photo, only to find out later there’s someone standing right behind you staring into the camera. Sigh. Don’t be afraid to ask people to move for your photo or venture out to more quiet spot.

2. Stand still

No amazing shot has ever been taken while walking (it blurs!), so when you see something beautiful you want to capture on camera, always stand still and take your time.

3. Take your Time

In order to get a good shot, you need to be able to handle some abuse. I can’t recall how many times I’ve had cars honking and people swearing at me because I stand in the middle of the road to get that one great shot. Good photos require some sacrifice, people.

4. Different perspective

We naturally take photos from our own eye level. That’s how we see the world. When it comes to street photography, that’s pretty boring. If you’ve got an average height that means most people will take exactly the same photo as you. For an interesting shot, try taking shots from up, down, or somewhere in the middle. Heck, even lay down on the street if that gets you an interesting shot. After experimenting with different heights, you’ll see how much your photos change.

5. Get inspired online

You want to take a GREAT photo, but you don’t know how. Get inspired on the net. Researching online, looking at different angles and ideas allow you to train your mind to recognize a great shot at the le moment supreme.

6. Make photos everyday

Learning to take a good photo in one day is impossible. You can certainly learn the technical basics from the books, but if you don’t have the ‘feeling’ you won’t get exciting results. Then how do you get the feeling? Take as many pictures as you can every day! Like with most things in life, practice makes perfection.

Photographer: Tatiane Kozijn | Instagram: @tatianekozijn

Good luck with the tips and happy snapping. I hope you get a zillion exciting travel photos.

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