Love sundays

How is your weekend going so far? I woke up quite early for a sunday morning: 9 pm. We’ve planned a day of going to the beach as the weather has been great all weekend.
Yesterday we did some Bali-shopping for my boyfriend; flipflops, shorts and these sort of things. It was actually way too warm to hang out in a shoppingcentre, so I’m very happy to go the beach today. So fun to know that next week this time I’ll be in Bali (We leave saturday morning the 27th). To me traveling is one of the best experiences in life and going to a place where I haven’t been before is even more exciting.
Well, I’m off now. Going to get dressed and make some breakfast. We have a bakery just 50 meter from our house and a sunday morning is the perfect occasion to get some fresh bread, right?

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