5 Hilarious things that happened to us while Travelling

When two friends travel for a while, being stuck together 24/7, you’re guaranteed to find yourself in the most hilarious situations. Some things were going to tell you weren’t quite that funny at the moment it happened, but some of them definitely were!

Stop! Police in Key West

Imagine this: you’re cruising down the beautiful palmtree lined streets of Key West in a Mustang, you whip your hair, dance on the music, joke around with your friends. Then suddenly you think: I need my sunglasses. You open your bag. Then in a matter of seconds, because of the speed of the car and the wind, your American dollars ALL fly out as if you’re Lil wayne in ‘Make it rain’. What do you do when your name is Tatiane? You stop the car, you run barefoot over the road (mind you, it’s not quite an highway but it comes close) and try to chase down the money. Which you ofcourse can’t find because that strike of wind blew everything away. Then suddenly sirens of a police car sound and we’re in trouble. Like it all isn’t emberassing enough, they order us per megaphone to get off the road immediately. Whoops.

Get lost in Beverly Hills

One of our common interests? Explore new cities and neighbourhoods by foot. While Tatiane likes to play safe and walk back the same way as we came, Malena prefers to see something new. It usually goes something like this: “If we walk like this and then like this we’ll eventually make our way back” Guess what happens next? Completely LOST in Beverly Hills. No taxi’s to be found. Wi-fi doesn’t work. GOD! Who knew that Beverly Hills is even that big? Well, apparently it is because it took us 2 hours to get back home. At least we had our work out and when we finally made it back home, we treated ourselves with red velvet cake and wine.

Hitchhiking in the Hamptons

While in the Hamptons (mostly a holiday destination for affluent New Yorkers) we went for a morning of wine tasting somewhere a little remote. It was all fun and games until we have to get back to our hotel. No buses, taxi’s nowhere to be found (where are they when you need them?). Time to give hitchhiking a try! Because? #yolo. Plus, it’s a fun social experiment. Thumps up, smiles out, within 15 minutes we were back at our hotel safe and sound. Easy!

Meanwhile at home in Amsterdam…

If you scroll down our Instagram feeds, I’m sure you think that we are not ones to complain about luxury. Beautiful hotels with even more beautiful interiors and views. Lots of pretty sights. Delicious food. I’m sure you find it hard to imagine that the current state of our apartment in Amsterdam is a d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r. There is no TV, until two weeks ago there was no table and we basically live out of our suitcases. Help is welcome, shoot us an email 😉

Bare Foot in San Francisco’s most luxurious hotel

Etiquette. When you don’t behave according to it, people either get nervous or find you weird. While staying in the Palace in San Francisco this summer, Tatiane had to stand on her chair to get a good shot of the breakfast. You should have seen the faces of people around. Hilarious! Later that day we also walked around the hotel bare foot while shooting more pictures. Oh well, at least the pictures turned out awesome.

Lost in the Jungle in Rio de Janeiro

Barra da Tijucca. If you’ve never heard about it, then please do yourself the favour and google it! Pretty sure your mouth will drop open impressed by the insanely gorgeous nature. A must visit while in Rio, but not quite in the way we did it. Somewhere late afternoon we thought: hey, let’s take a taxi up there and explore! We somehow were under the impression that it was more of a park rather than an actual jungle. Almost an hour in taxi, having passed by many favelas, throughout jungle, the taxi stops in the middle of nowhere and says: “we’re here”. There’s nobody around. It’s starting to get dark. We’re terrified! We try to make the taxi driver understand that we’ll pay him for waiting for us while we go and see the nearby waterfalls. Surprisingly enough he sticked around waiting and we ended up doing more of a ‘road trip’ to scenic point of views rather than actually exploring the jungle ourselves. But hey, safety first.

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