What We’ve learnt from being Friends and Business Partners

“So often we become so focused on the finish line that we fail to enjoy the journey” In case you haven’t followed the FashionContainer journey: we – Malena and Tatiane – have partner up together in this business. Today we take a moment to reminisce what we’ve achieved and learnt in that process lately.


If you’re used to doing things on your own, keeping your earnings in your own pocket and put the many gifts (clothing, accessories: you name it) in your own closet, it’s not easy to start sharing it with someone else. Suddenly things don’t automatically belong to you and not all credit goes to you. It takes some time to feel comfortable about this.

Fight Properly

Let’s be honest: working together so closely on all levels really pushes your buttons at times! Fights are unenviable, but what makes all the difference is knowing HOW to fight. We’ve learnt to always put work first (even when we’re mad), handle disagreements maturely (e.g. just starting a sentence with ‘I feel’ instead of ‘you did’ makes a big difference) and simply learn to prioritize. If it’s not really important, just let it go. Last but not least, we believe that fighting and disagreeing on the spot and throw it out immediately is much better than building up against one and another for months.

Weaknesses and Strengths

I think most people are quite aware of their personality flaws, but sharing a business with someone really puts your weaknesses under the loop. The other person will see you fully. Good and bad, that is. It’s not always fun to be confronted with your flaws, but being open about them and accepting them from another is eye opening. Being in business together on the other side also allows you to learn so much more about your own qualities and what you’re good at. Always magnify each others strengths instead of weaknesses.

The Art of Communication

It’s easy to walk away from problems or struggles, but it takes real guts to face them and communicate. Being forced to keep the communication flowing isn’t fun sometimes, but it’s great for self-development.

Taking a closer look at yourself

Yep, when you’re in business together you’re forced to look at yourself in a way you might have never done before. You start wondering why you do the things you do them and why you are the way you are. Maybe you used to never thought about this simply because nobody bothered you with it.

Showing appreciation

In business, it’s very important to keep showing appreciation for the people that work with you. Simply end the day by pointing out something the other did well. Praise them. Say: well done! I’m proud of you! Positive words and praise really change everything.

Would you be able to run a business with one of your closest friends?

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