My Personal Diary

What are you looking at?
1. Eating a pear at the beach, good life!
2. Delicious cupcakes at the market. They had the same cupcakes in miniature size as well, super cute.
3. Chilling out.
4. Every weekend there’s a huge veggie and fruit market where we do our grocery shopping. Cheap and the vegetables are super tasty.
5. Perth city. The sun was almost going down, so the light was awesome. Isn’t the view just amazing?!
6. Having a coffee at a cute bar at the riverside while wearing my silver jacket, will show you the whole outfit in the upcoming post.
7. Ostrisch egg, anyone? My boyfriend wanted to buy one, because he thought it would be ideal to make a huge omelette but I made him change his mind, haha. Maybe I should try it though…
8. Outfit with my favo necklace at the moment. Have the same one in silver as well.
9. Saying hi to the parrots in Kingspark. Parrots are here as common as pigeons are in Europe, but I’m impressed everytime when I discover a different kind or a different colour of parrot. So cool!
10. We went jogging in Kingspark at night, as a reward for our exercise we had this amazing view.
I’m so excited to see that the amount of visitors of my blog increases everyday and to see all the lovely comments. Thank you so much for that, it really encourages me to continue blogging and to take it even more serious. From now I will make my personal diary a returning post on the blog, because I would like to show you more of me and my personal life instead of only outfit and fashion related blog posts. Hope you like it.

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