How to keep your adminstration up to date

Administration? Taxes? Boo. Just a big boo. Unfortunately running our own online business (FashionContainer, hello!) means that this is something we can’t get out of. So then it’s better to make it as easy, trouble free as possible, no? Here are our 5 tips to stay up to date.

Take your time

Administration is not something you should rush through. It’s all about details and being precise. Missing out on 1 piece of paper can cause a hell lot of trouble with taxes already, so don’t be afraid to take your time to stay on top of this task.

Set a date

It might sound silly to dedicate a certain time of week to administration, but it really makes it easier to stay up to date. I think we can all agree that it’s too easy to procrastinate the tasks we don’t like doing and committing to a certain day prevents this behaviour.

Create overview

I used to think making lists is something only control freaks do, but nowadays I certainly understand all the upsides. Because we do so many different things throughout the day, it’s easy to forget things. By writing everything down, you can double check your progress at any time and you’ll be sure you won’t be forgetting things.

Dedicate a place

Administration is a disaster if you don’t store your paperwork together. Or if you don’t organize your paper work by topic. Good organization makes for half the work when you get to doing the administration, so keep that in mind when you’re about to throw a letter in a random drawer of your desk.

Accountant, baby

We can only speak from our experience in the Netherlands, but doing your Financial adminstration and taxes on your own is mission impossible. Hire an accountant to take of this for you. Keep in mind that small mistakes can already cause you a whole lot of trouble (and cost money, too) so we always recommend to play safe and let a professional take care of it.

What are your administration super tips? Please don’t hesitate to share!

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