Fifteen Facts

If you have been reading my blog since a while, you know that I moved from Holland to  Australia last July. My life has changed so incredibly much ever since and I thought it will be fun to give you an idea of my impression of  Australia and my life here, by just quoting some random experiences and thoughts.

–  Since I moved abroad I realize how much of a perfectionist I am. I find it very frustrating when I don’t understand something people say or when I can’t find the right words.


– I absolutely love the fact that the sun shines pretty much everyday.
– As not-native English speakers my boyfriend and I go through quite some language struggle. It’s getting better and better, but our daily conversations still go along with lots of that ‘thing’ and ‘you know’. For who doesn’t know: I am Dutch and my boyfriend is Lebanese.
– I got totally addicted to the Australian TimTam cookies. I’ve literally been eating a pack a day and after 2 months doing so, I’m unable to eat them anymore at all.
– I have learned to stay calm whenever I find out that a cockroach or lizard has creeped into my house. Well, let’s just say I scream a little less than the first time I saw a cockroach crawling in my living room.
– Australian people always seem to be intrigued by my accent. I get questions everyday where I come from.
– I have totally embraced the Australian pancakes-for-breakfast culture.
– After 9 months in Australia I still look to the wrong side whenever I cross a road. Result: countless nearly-death experiences.
– I absolutely love making road trips here. There is so much amazing nature to see everywhere.
– One thing from Holland that I really miss is the bread. Good, thick, brown bread with seeds for example.
– Australian birds make a hell lot of noise. It’s something completely different than the European birds. My boyfriend told me that when he came to Australia the first time, he woke up in the early morning thinking a woman was being beaten up. There is this horrible black bird which actually sounds like a screaming, crying woman.
– In  Australia people use the expression ‘Hi, how are you going’ (instead of how are you doing). I didn’t understand that at first and was always thinking to myself: what? going where?
– Ever since I live here I wear a lot more colour than I used to do when I lived in Holland.
– One great advantage of living in Perth is my permanent tan. No pale winter months, always a nice healthy glow. I love that! 
–  I’m really enjoying it to go for a (power)walk. I guess the good weather makes working out a lot easier. And ofcourse, walking in the amazing Kingspark is definitely not a punishment. This awesome place is very close to my home (the first picture below is the view from Kingspark).
The pictures below are all taken in the first few months I arrived to Perth. They represent some of the happiest moments and show a couple of the most beautiful places I have seen so far. Being able to call this amazing country ‘home’, is a blessing for sure.


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