Double Gold

I already gave you an impression of my new necklace in one of my latest post (see here), but it’s always better to see it while I am wearing it, right?

The moment I bought this necklace, I knew that it would form a killer combination with my gold sweater. Besides that, I think it would look really good as well with a white sheer blouse or with a simple tshirt. Well, I believe that this necklace is wearable with pretty much anything. I’m actually taking a look at my clothing rack right now and I’m convinced I can match it with all garments hanging on the rack. A new challenge maybe? Today my boyfriend and I went to a big mall to buy some things for the home. Yes, again. You have probably noticed from my posts that I have been doing that a lot the past few months. I moved to this home in August, but I could never imagine how much time it takes to gather all the bits and pieces. Every few weeks there is something else that comes my mind I have to buy. Yesterday we started the weekend with a good dinner, Japanese food, and today after the obligatory visit to the mall we are going to meet friends in a bar in town. Sounds like a good weekend so far, right? And what are you up to?

 Pictures by H. Mounzer
H&M sweater, TEMT skirt, Rubi heels, Sportsgirl bag and necklace

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