Floaty dress

Pictures by H. Mounzer

Hope you’re all having a great weekend! Mine is very laidback, just enjoying the great weather and my boyfriends company. So, here’s the full outfit of last friday at the beach. I opted for a floaty dress and some flats which you cannot see in the picture because I took them off, haha. My white blazer is really indispensable in my wardrobe and I’m happy I bought it very last moment – 3 days before leaving to Australia- at Zara when I went with a friend for a shopping spree to Amsterdam. Yesterday at the beach was fun, I even went for a little swim and luckily the waves were not too high. I went to the beach a couple of weeks ago when the ocean was kinda wild and I seriously felt like I could be drowning anytime. After our day at the beach, we bought pizza’s and sat down in the garden. Now we just came back from a big sunday morning breakfast at a place I really love called ‘The Dome’. It’s very American in my point of view. You can for example have a pancake stack with cream and blueberries (which my boyfriend ordered). I had a big fruit salad and a so called ‘Danish pastry’ with cream. Going to spend some time cleaning up the house, do some laundry and later in the afternoon we’re planning to go to town.
Blazer Zara
Dress Dotti
Necklace Random shop in Subiaco
Eye bracelet Sportsgirl
Watch Gift from a friend

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