Holidays Shopping: your Guide into Saving Money

The last quarter of the year is here! Comfort food, cozying up at the fire place with hot chocolate, gift shopping, board games with the family. I think we all agree that the festive season is lots of fun, but it also brings along some challenges. One of them being the balance in our bank accounts! Because let’s be honest, gift shopping and hosting dinner parties easily add up. So before the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season really hits, here are some tips that will not only help to keep your head together, but will also save you money. Let’s go!


In the run up the holidays (may it be Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas), make an overview of what you think you’ll need to purchase, how much you estimate the cost and how much budget you have available for your purchases. Getting your head around the estimated purchases a few months ahead of time allow you to put the money aside for when you need it. No unpleasant “I’m broke” surprises this way!

Do gift shopping ahead of time

Is it just me or does everything really gets more expensive around Christmas time? Save yourself both time (the shops are WAY too busy in the last days before Christmas anyway) and money and do your gift shopping in November.

Research Online

Companies tend to play with their prices quite a bit around Christmas time, so keep out a keen eye on everything that’s happening online. And of course (I can’t say this enough), browse the net for some great Coupon codes.

Don’t shop what you don’t need

The Holiday season is the time to become victim to smart 2+1 kind of marketing tricks that will easily push you into buying things you don’t really need. Whether that concerns Christmas pudding, wine or gift wrapping: decide beforehand what you need and don’t get tricked in buying stuff you’ll not end up using anyway.

Ask your friends for tips

Your friends are most probably in exactly the same Christmas shopping state of mind as you, so chances are that they’ve heard of a good promotion or perhaps they even have great tips on what to buy for your boyfriend/mum/sister. Sharing is caring, like always.
What’s your favourite thing about Christmas time? Any good budget shopping tips you want to share?

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