Tips to make the best photos of yourself with the Selftimer

2013 Shay Cochrane

FashionContainer is a team of two and travelling together means that you can usually take each other’s photos. Sometimes however you’re alone, you don’t want to bother the other and asking a stranger isn’t always an option either. What solution is there left? The selftimer! Really, once you get familiar with it it’s such a handy way to take your own photos.

1. Choose position for the phone

First things First: get the camera on your phone on and point it at the place where you want to take a picture of yourself. Double check if the angle and light is the way you want it.

2. Be Creative

Once you’ve found the spot to take a photo, you have to figure out where to place your phone in the right position. You can for example use the windowsill, a table or the edge of the sofa. Are you somewhere where you can find none of this? No panic! There are other options. Use books, turn a bin upside down (the ones in hotel room’s are often empty anyway ;)) or be creative with other objects you find. The Iphone 5s is a little square-ish shaped so it can stand itself. The Iphone 6 is a little more complicated and doesn’t stand upright itself so needs a little support. Yep, yep there’s a solution for everything.

3. Explore Selftimer function

Most selftimers let you choose between 3 or 10 seconds. I definitely recommend the 10 seconds one, because the 3 seconds one doesn’t allow you enough time to get in the right position.

4. Light & Composition

The thing that makes or breaks a photo has everything to do with light and composition. If you haven’t quite discovered how you make these things work in your advantage, you should practice as much as you can. Play around with the time preferably at different times of the day so you easily tell the difference of the light and what it does to your phot.

5. A little variation

Like with everything photo related: keep changing things up! Unless ofcourse your branding evolves around taking photos in the same way. If that’s the case, keep going. Personally I’m a firm believer in doing something new as much as you can.

6. Edit

No photo is complete without a little bit of editing, so the same goes for your selftimer photos! Snap, ready, shine!

Hopefully these tips were helpful! Good luck with the self timer and enjoy taking photos.

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