5x outfits to wear to the office

Whoever said dressing for office can’t be fun, elegant or classy is wrong! I personally love wearing a good, formal outfit every now and then and below are my 5 favourites.

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1. Pencil skirt

Pencil skirts are an absolute must-have for the office, but that doesn’t mean they always have to be plain, black and boring. This printed pencil one by Asos proofs that!

2. Button trousers

The classic black flare is a great basic for an office look, easily made more excting with the button detailing and flattering fit. I’m wearing the trousers with a high neck lace top and classic black heels.


3. Checks and skirts

And even if you do wear a ‘boring’ black pencil skirt: it all depends on how you style it! I chose for a checked blouse, layered necklace and a light camel coat for a more playful look.

4. Lace cami and fancy blazer

My favourite office look of all! This is the kind of outfit that perfectly sums up who I am and what my personal style is all about, yet it still absolutely appropriate to wear to the office. The lace cami is playful and feminine, the grey trousers super corporate, but the overall look with golden button blazer, cobalt bag and silver heels turn it into a look that’s exactly who I am.

5. Brogues and pinstripe

Your updated office look! Brogues for women can be so much fun when done right. I’m well aware that this is probably only an outfit one can wear to the less formal of offices, but hey. I always used to think pinstripe trousers and blazer were boring, but as you can see I’m starting to totally re-think that opinion.

What’s your favourite office look? To keep on reading, don’t forget to click on each of the images to read the full posts.

Photographer: Tatiane Kozijn | Instagram: @tatianekozijn
Location: Australia, Tenerife, Lisbon, London

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