Sailing the Caribbean with Oasis

All a board, sailor! Could you possibly think of a more picturesque location to shoot pictures than on the deck of a sailing ship in the middle of the Caribbean sea? I can’t and I’m so so excited to share these pictures with you. I know I’m keep saying this in my other recent posts as well, but hey, the locations just keep on getting better and better.

You might not be expecting it, but our schedule on board was pretty packed! Everyday a new destination, excursions, activities, exploring. So when we sat down to plan shoots for FashionContainer, we only found one time of day that would work with considering our FOMO: just after sunrise until breakfast time. Now everyone that knows me personally knows doing anything without having breakfast first is a bad idea. Solution? Ask the staff on board for a nutella croissant. Ha! I have to say that Tatiane was definitely the more professional than I that morning, even after less than 3 hours of sleep she seemed in her best shape while shooting. Why can’t I be like that?

So here we are: on the deck of our beautiful Starclippers ship, at the very start of the day! I really wanted to share an outfit with you that fits a little in the Christmas and New Year theme and don’t you agree that this metallic silver skirt is the pulling it off perfectly? In my opinion, Oasis is one of the brands that just never fails to impress me when it comes to outfits suitable for the holidays. The pieces are always classy, festive and stylish, but never over the top. Nothing better than purchasing outfits that can also be worn beyond the holidays, right?

The full lifestyle and destination stories of our time spent sailing the Caribbean with Starclippers is still coming up, but for now I’m leaving you with a peek of the endless blue sea, me pretending to control the ship’s steering wheel and this festive outfit suitable for the warm and humid Caribbean. Happy New Year!

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