5 Reasons why you should take a Cruise

The FashionContainer team knows all the possible ways of transport by heart, whether it’s getting around by car or public transport, by plane or helicopter. The latter of which we’ve become rather obsessed with, but that’s another story. But there’s one thing we haven’t done before. Cruising by boat! These are our 5 reasons to Cruise.

1. Something different

Taking a plane and hop from one country to another has become pretty common these days. Sailing or cruising however is one of those different ways of getting around and should thus be explored and experienced.

2. Other Perspective

Looking at it from just a photography perspective, cruising is the way to go. No place where sunsets are more spectacular than at sea and what about the chance to catch some wildlife on camera? We would be pretty stoked to see some dolphins or whales! Plus, by cruising you get so see so much more hidden spots of a country you’d otherwise never come across.

3. No driving license

Let us tell you a little secret: the FashionContainer team doesn’t have driving licenses. Whoops. That basically means that if you want to see the world, you have to be creative. Cruising allows you to see tons of places! Perfect for people like us.

4. Easy

When you take public transport or the car, you always have to stay focussed figuring out where to go. Cruising allows you to sit back, relax and get from one place to another without being bothered figuring out the route yourself.

5. Social Aspect

“we’re all in the same boat”. Exactly. Cruising means that you spend your week (or however long) with a group of people and the social aspect is FUN! It’s super easy to meet people on board and it’s nice to be able to exchange travel experiences and socialize.

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