Orange in Morocco

The country of picturesque alleyways: Morocco.

Only a 4 hour flight from Amsterdam, Marrakech feels like a complete different world! We used our first day to explore the alleyways, cute boutiques and streetlife near our hotel, right in the heart of Marrakech.

This alleyway was a natural match made with my outfit of that day with its cool embroidered top in the same warm, earthy tone of the walls and a skirt made from the most delicate of lace. Very much one of those outfits that just feels like ‘me’. I finished off the look with embellished two-strap sandals (so comfy!) and brand new Mezzanote bag. Chain bags just always look chic, don’t you think?

We’ll be in Morocco for a total of 2 weeks, during which we’ll be exploring a lot of different facets the country has to offer. Make sure to follow along on social media and to stay tuned with all the Morocco content that will go live on FashionContainer. Very exciting things are coming, I promise!

What I’m Wearing: Marks & Spencer top, Marks & Spencer white lace skirt, Marks & Spencer sandals, H&M hat, Mezzanote bag

Location: Marrakech, Morocco
Photographer: Tatiane Kozijn | Instagram: @tatianekozijn

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