My must-have jewelry

I used to buy new jewelry every week (not the real kind, obviously), but as I got older I started to prefer quality of quanitity. Classics over eye catchers. Today I’m showing you my favourite jewelry pieces I wear on a daily basis.

1. Earrings

Something silver is my go-to! I have three pairs on rotation and these silver/pearl earrings are one of them. I especially love the kind that I don’t have to take off at night. Because truth is that earrings are the first thing I forget to put on before running out of the house in the morning.

2. Classic watch

I have different pairs on rotation, but my current favourite is this one by Nicole Vienna in silver mesh with marble details.

3. Bracelets

I love stacking up my watch with silver bracelets. This cuff and dainty silver bracelet with turquoise stones are great to do so.

4. Rings

Oh, where would I be without my silver rings? I love them! Because jewelry and specifically rings are so personal to me, I love purchasing pieces in the new countries I visit or places that have a meaning to me. One of these rings below I for example purchased in a small town in Costa Rica and the other in Thailand.

5. Dainty necklace

Still looking for the absolute perfect dainty necklace, but in the meantime this one does the job. Super subtle with a little stone.

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