Marc Cain – Timanfaya National Park, Lanzarote

An extraordinary brand asks for an extraordinary location!

I’m in Timanfaya national park, an extraordinary 19 square meters vulcanic landscape in the southwestern part of Lanzarote. We came here on a gloomy morning to explore and also to capture on camera this outfit by Marc Cain. It’s been an absolute blast to shoot content for Marc Cain, their pieces are SO much fun to style and I love how every piece, regardless of how simple, has an exquisite sense of detail in it.

This look is compiled of pieces of the Dogs & Stories collection, which revolves around playful prints with a dog here and here (although not in this outfit) and beautiful tailored pieces like this blazer. Marc Cain has also recently launched a collection with some great accessories, I fell in love with this classic chain bag. Not only is the colour perfect for Fall/Winter, but the croc embellished pattern and fine touches make the design a classic.

What I’m Wearing: Marc Cain blazer Marc Cain topMarc Cain trousersMarc Cain shoesMarc Cain bag

Photographer: Tatiane Kozijn | Instagram: @tatianekozijn
Location: Lanzarote, Spain

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