My Home Office and Tips How You can Create one too

As some of you might now, I recently moved to a new apartment. Even though it’s quite a bit smaller than my previous place, the great natural light with lots of white and wooden floors totally make up for it. Today I’m showing you my home office slash walk in closet and I’m talking about what I did to use the limited space to its full potential.

As someone who gets super easily distracted, I try to keep my desk as empty as possible with just a few carefully chosen decoration pieces. I got a fish as a Christmas gift from a friend and I love it. This might sound a little animal unfriendly, but it’s been such a great thing to have on my desk! When having a lack of inspiration or bored moment, I’d usually grab my phone first thing but it’s actually quite enjoyable to just look at a living creature instead. Something else that I always keep at hand is a little notebook (I have too many, it’s my weakness) to quickly write down to do lists or other important things. While it’s great to have many things stored digitally, sometimes nothing beats a good old handwritten list.

My desk stands against the window, so I don’t only have the best view while working, it’s nice to have some fresh air coming in too. While it’s been unbearably hot the last few weeks, well at least before and after I got back from Argentina last week, yesterday was the first day the weather cooled down a little. I was sitting at my desk at night and was actually feeling a bit chilly, something I haven’t felt for months. I even slept with the covers on, such a luxury.

I’m renting the place that I currently live in, so the the interior options are somewhat limited (e.g. hanging things on the wall) and I’d  also not spend as much money on furniture and decoration if the place would be mine, but I guess that’s the reality of being a young adult. Ugh. Almost 25 already. Anyway, find out what I did to make the most of the limited space below:

  1. Use light colours
    There’s nothing I love more than a good light space and crisp white walls. Guess what? This also works exceptionally well if you want to visually make a space bigger than it is. I also opted for a clean, simple desk (it’s actually a dining table!) with metallic legs for a streamlined look to make the most of the space.
  2. Add greenery
    Sure, I’d love to have fresh blooms on my desk every week but in all honesty: it gets a pricey hobby and I much prefer something more sustainable in the long run. That’s why I happily swapped my sunflowers for a white orchid that will last several months. Plants and flowers add some playfulness and energy to a room and moreover they’re proven to help reduce stress and increase productivity, another good reason to have them on your desks other than the purpose of looking pretty.
  1. De-clutter your desk
    This one actually counts for all spaces, whether limited or large. A cluttered desk doesn’t only have a bad effect on your productivity; it also makes a space look cramped and chaotic. While some carefully picked out decoration on your desk is great, don’t over personalize your workspace as it can be distracting.
  1. Use Storage smartly
    I know, storage isn’t the most sexy thing to discuss, but it’s highly essential. I’ve got quite a large desk and to utilize the space underneath it, I’ve got a few drawers where I can stack papers, stationary and other stuff that I don’t want to visually distract me on my desk.
  2. Create multi-functional spaces
    Living in a two bedroom apartment excludes the possibility to dedicate an entire room to a home office, that’s why being open minded to creating multi-functional spaces is key. This room isn’t only where I work, my wardrobe is in there too. At first I was a little sceptical about this, but now I actually like being able to look at my clothing rack and accessories from my chair. It can be a source of inspiration I guess. After all, I’m writing about fashion a lot of the time.


Do you have a home office? Any tips for creating one?

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