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It took a while, but finally my house starts to feel more like a home. Since the livingroom starts to look beter and better, I thought it was about time to give you a little glimpse of what my home looks like.
I bought the chair and sheep fur at Ikea last week and I bought the little carpet under the coffee table at another store. Our livingroom is quite small, so while picking furniture I had to be careful that it doesn’t make the room look too full. Anyway, I’m quite happy with the result so far and I’m looking forward to pick some additional stuff to complete my living room the coming months. Sorry for the lack of update at the blog yesterday. In the morning I got into this crazy and obsessed mood that I wanted to organize every little thing in my home, so basically I put everything upside down. I’m especially happy with the result of what I call my wardrobe room.    I re-organized my whole closet and clothing rack and I finally put my accessories in a proper storage. When my boyfriend came home from work we went for dinner at an awesome sushi restaurant in Perth. I’ve never been there before, but the food was really amazing. When I got back home I felt the extreme need to talk to my best friend back home (missing them a lot these days :(), so I spend some time with her on skype. In exactly a month my boyfriend and I are starting our journey back home: first Dubai, then Lebanon and at last Holland (WHOOP WHOOP, can’t wait!). Right now, I’m exhausted because I started my day with two hours of power walking. Tonight we’re playing soccer, I hope I’m able to move by then.  Have a great day guys, I hope you enjoyed the home post.

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