Be bright

I think this floral skirt is my absolute favorite from the H&M order that I received a while ago. I have a peplum top in the same print by the way.
We took these pictures last saturday in the city centre of Perth before we went to our friends place for a barbeque. There are so many amazing locations in this city to take outfit pictures! Ever since we have a car (a few weeks), it has become so much easier to take pictures at nice locations. It’s fun to see how my blog has been developing since I started it. I think the quality of the pictures only got better and better. And, I have to say that my style has been developing itself more and more as well. I’m really happy with how thing are going and how much my blog is growing lately. Your comments and support mean everything to me! Thank you so much. What do you guys think about a Q&A soon? Let me know.

 Pictures by H. Mounzer

Dotti shirt
  H&M skirt
 Zara bag
 Rubi heels
 Chic a booti sunglasses
Imago designs turquoise/gold bracelet
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