Day at Moore river

Today was fun! We went with friends to Moore river. It’s quite a special place because the ocean and river are just a few meters separated from each other (see picture 2).
We spend the day swimming, having a barbeque, renting a  boat, -yep, the very fancy boat as seen in picture 11-, and we even were lucky enough to see kangaroos and koala’s. Definitely a succesful day I’d say. Isn’t the picture of the lazy ass koala just awesome? love it, haha. Not much interesting outfit wise: with 40 degree weather the only thing I’m thinking of is comfort. What do you think about posts like this, which are not very fashion but simply showing what I’ve been up to? Please let me know, I’m very curious. Sometimes I just get tired of posting only very “polished” pictures on my blog…

Portmans top
Zara shorts
Witchery sandals
Chic a booti sunglasses

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