Rottnest island

I’ve had a wonderful weekend! As I told you before, saturday I went to Rottnest island with my boyfriend for a day trip. It’s only 20 minutes by ferry from Perth and it’s really an extraordinary place. Stunning clear blue water, a great fish life and the most beautiful sceneries.
We decided to discover Rottnest by bike, which I’m ofcourse more than familiar with as a Dutchie. I think it’s a great way to discover the island because you’re free to stop wherever you want. We did snorkeling (I bought new snorkling gear last week), which was really amazing. Such a great variety of different fish. Pretty, colourful ones but also fish which were a little too big (1m) to be comfortable around. On this island you’ll find the cutest creatures you’ve ever seen: quokkas, a small kind of kangaroo. Also, you’ll find also a lot of creatures which can not really be considered as cute: snakes and lizzards. I accidently almost drove with my bike over a snake, which was a pretty scary experience. A guy who spotted the snake yelled ‘watch out, snake’, but slow of understanding as I am sometimes, I just kept on biking. About my outfit, I decided to wear something comfortable: denim shorts and a loose blouse. Oh, and what do you think about the bikini? Bought it last week, love the colourful print. Right now I’m waiting for the delivery man which I hope is coming soon, because I HATE to be stuck in the house when I’m expecting a package. Later, I’ve planned to make a couple of phone calls related to my job search and also cleaning the house is on the schedule. Have a great monday!

Dotti sweater
Vila dotted blouse
H&M denim shorts
Zara sandals
Cotton on cap
TEMT bikini
Chic a booti sunglasses

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