Yallingup Photo Diary

There’s a few places I’ve seen in the world that totally blow me away with their beauty, so unreal. Yallingup, a small village located on the coast line in South West Australia is one of them. When on the way to Yallingup, a great surprise pops up when you turn around the last corner before entering the village: an unbelieve coast line view. It’s the second time I’ve been there, but I gasp each time I see it.
The campsite where I’ve stayed for the past week is located on a cliff, with the beach only a few meters down and a surreal view over the bay. I could hear the waves crashing on the shore at night, I seriously cannot think of a more relaxing sound to fall asleep on. The bay down the campsite is the home of a group of dolphins, who spend some time there each day, mostly in the early morning and evening. Some days they swim around calm and quietly, other moments they are playful and showing off some pretty amazing jumps and dives. I feel hugely blessed to witness such incredible nature and it was a pleasure to go back in time for a week, taking the day as it comes and living in pure simplicity.
A few highlights of my camping trip, besides getting to spend some quality time with my love, were a day we spend beach-hopping, discovering many many beaches, good places to snorkel and beautiful wildlife. I honestly think any other country I might move to in the future will be disappointing when comparing it with Australia’s beauty. The colours in the landscapes, birds, everything is just so flawless. I also really enjoyed our morning walks along Yallingup beach. When the tide is low, it seems like you can walk on and on forever. A great way to wake up, followed by a good coffee in a café. Yes, we didn’t completely live without the little luxuries! Our Christmas eve was spend utterly simple yet very cozy and fun with drinks and a late night barbeque with our campsite neighbours. Even though I miss the chaos and life of the European cities sometimes, I’m still a Dutchie by heart, nothing beats the paradise-like life in Australia.

Pictures by Hassan Mounzer
Wearing: White tee, H&M denim shorts (similar here), Birkenstock sandals, Mango jacket, Sportsgirl hat (similar here), Karen Walker sunnies

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