Amazing Australia

After my roadtrip, a few other amazing destinations in Western Australia are ticked off my bucket list. One of them is the Gap and Natural bridge in Albany.

Saturday morning my boyfriend and I started our 4.5 hour drive (ofcourse with some coffee stops here and there) down south to Albany. The climate in Albany is a lot colder than in Perth, surprisingly. I put some  nice dresses in my suitcase, but I didn’t get a chance to wear them. Once we arrived in Albany and checked into our hotel, we drove towards the first hotspot in Albany: Gap and Natural bridge which are located in Torndirrup National park. I heard a few horror stories about people being swiped away from rocks by the ocean in this area, due to so called unexpected ‘freak’ waves. You can understand I was a little bit anxious climbing to the middle of the ‘bridge’ (see photo 10), but once I was up there it was great. It was really cold on that cliff though, that’s why you see me wearing my boyfriends scarf in the pictures.
The next day while we were on our way to Denmark and Augusta, we decided to visit an Alpaca farm, which turned out to be a great decision. We didn’t plan a visit from before, actually we didn’t even know that Alpaca farms exist in Australia. For who doesn’t know, alpacas are a species which look a lot like llamas. It turned out that it wasn’t only an alpaca farm, it was more like a little zoo with camels, kangaroos, koalas and other creatures. Seriously so much fun! After our entrance, we were given a little bag of food and we headed straight to the Alpacas. I was just opening my bag when I looked right into those big innocent Alpaca eyes when he decided to spit all over my jacket. Yes, my beloved jacket. And not just a little bit, very generously. Oh my god, my boyfriend couldn’t stop laughing. I didn’t think it was funny at all untill I made sure I was able to remove the spit from my jacket. Anyway, that was the alpaca adventure.
The rest of our day we spend on the road and discovering little towns that we came across. During sunset, around 5pm, we were still driving. Especially on those endless roads in the middle of nowhere, this is a dangerous time to drive because kangaroos are popping out from everywhere and crossing the roads. You can imagine it can cause very dangerous situations when you’re driving 120km/h. Luckily no accidents happened and we arrived safe in Augusta. I spend some really relaxing and fun days with my boyfriend. Just taking it easy and enjoying each others company. What’s better than that?!

Pictures by me and H. Mounzer

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