Shark Bay Photo Diary

I knew that Australia was beautiful, but after seeing Shark Bay, the word ‘beautiful’ got an entire new dimension. It’s hard to describe how vibrant and idyllic this place really is. The clearest blue water I’ve ever seen and unbelievable wildlife, both underwater and on land. Having dolphins and turtles swimming beside you and emu’s knocking on your car window is an experience to never forget!  

We left at 6 am on Thursday morning from Perth and we didn’t arrive to Shark Bay until 4 in the afternoon. In Europe you’d easily have crossed 3 countries driving the same distance, making me once again realize the enormous size of Australia. I left wearing jeans, a sweatshirt and loafers but ended stripping of most layers, because in those 10 hours the temperature went up more than 10 degrees as well. I always seem to have trouble to estimate what the weather will be like, because I ended up wearing only shorts and light dresses which meant that I had to re-wear some items. Our first night we had dinner in Azure bistro, a very simple restaurant that prepares a great fish-n-ships (see below for more practical tips). The snapper was so good that I ate the same meal three times during my stay. The next day we started with a big breakfast in one of the cafes in Denham, which I unfortunately forgot the name of. Then we headed to Monkey Mia, which is a 20 minute drive from Denham. In the bay of Monkey Mia there’s a group of wild dolphins that comes to the shore every day to socialize and grab some fish that visitors can feed them. The fact that they’re wild, yet are so willing to make contact with humans is an amazing thing. I’ve seen dolphins in Australia a lot, but never as many and as sociable as in Monkey Mia. We booked a boat trip for that afternoon and spend the rest of the morning exploring the crisp white beaches in the area and admiring the wildlife.

The below photos only include the first part of my trip, so prepare for much much more to come. You can expect a set of outfit photos shot at one of the most iconic locations I’ve ever been fortunate to see and there’s a diary coming up about a very special experience during my stay in Shark Bay. It has everything to do with my love for the sky. Can you guess? Like that isn’t enough, I still have the second part of our road trip in Kalbarri to share. So much love for Australia!


– Stay at Oceanside village in Denham.

– Dine on a budget at Azure Bistro in Denham, spend a little more at Boughshed restaurant in Monkey Mia.

– Book a Catamaran trip on the Aristocat to see whales, dugongs, turtles and dolphins.

You can find the photo descriptions and the outfit details at the bottom of this post.


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1, 2. Road trip attire. We stopped at one of many lagoons in the are to snap a few photos.
3,4,5. Waiting for our Catamaran to arrive on the jetty. These swallows were nesting everywhere in Monkey Mia.
6. Happy about the incredibly white beaches and clear ocean.
7. Dolphin play time.
8. Enjoying Mojito’s in Boughshed restaurant before sunset in Monkey Mia.
9. OOTD. Wearing Scarf print blouse, Asos high waisted shorts, Karen Walker sunglasses
10,11. Monkey Mia beach.

12. Yummy lunch. The salmon salad is mine.
13. Cooling down after lunch
14. This emu started running on the beach.
15. View from Boughshed restaurant where we had lunch.
16. Hassan and I on our second boat trip.
17, 18. Incredible sunset over Little Lagoon.
19. Pelican close-up. I was surprised how close they allowed me!
20. Late afternoon chill spot.
21. Sunset
22. Photogenic palmtrees along Monkey Mia beach.
23. Colourful boats on the beach.
24 – 28. On the catamaran, watching the dolphins swimming along.
29. Sunset in Denham, just outside of our villa.

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