Road Trip

One of the must-do’s when visiting Perth, is making a road trip up north. The huge diversity of landscapes is just too special to miss out on. My boyfriend and I wanted his family to have the complete “Western Australia expience”, so last saturday we started our 2 hour drive to the Pinnacles, with several stops on the way.

Our first stop along the way was the village of Lancelin. At a local bakery we took a little break with fresh chocolate chip cookies, carrot cakes and coffee (see picture 9). Then we continued to the Sand Dunes, which are not only beautiful to see, but very entertaining as well because of the countless motorbikers crossing on the dunes making the most spectecular jumps. I have never seen landscapes with more vibrant colours than in Australia. Being able to see crispy white sand dunes, orange coloured deserts, the clearest blue ocean and the greenest of the greenest fields and trees all in one day, is a unique experience. After the sand dunes we went to the next destination: the Pinnacles. It was the second time I visited this place, but I was still as amazed as the first time. The scenic view makes me feel like I’m on another planet. I mean, where on earth do you see countless kilometers of limestone rocks?

Somewhere on the road we stopped to pose for pictures with the well known Australian ‘Caution, Wildlife’ signs. Just as we started to take pictures, a group of around ten emus showed up in the fields right next to us. So funny, like they wanted to prove the traffic sign right (see picture 5 and 7).
As you might notice when looking at the pictures below, we made it a challenge that day to take best jumping pictures. My personal favorite is the one I took with my sis in law, her name is Lynn, as seen in picture 16. Really awesome how dynamic this shot is and I love the crazy look of my hair.

I decided to wear the ultimate summer dress that day. Though beforehand I was a bit afraid it would be too cold, it turned out to be the inverse. We were lucky enough to have very hot weather that day. Pretty unique when considering the fact that Spring has only started last week. In case you are wondering what is the black fabric popping out underneath the dress in a few pictures, it’s a top I wore as a “back up” because the dress is a bit short.

The second last stop of our roadtrip was the clear blue ocean. A lady at the Pinnacles visitor centre recommended us the so called ‘Hangover Bay’. Contrary to its name, it was the most beautiful beach. Clear blue water and the softest white sand. After our swim it was time to start our drive back to Perth. The roads in isolated areas aren’t very safe by night (note: wildlife and lack of light), so we wanted to make sure to be not far from Perth once it would get dark. As a last stop we went to Yanchep National Park, which is only about an half an hour drive from Perth. Around sunset this park is usually populated with a lot of kangaroo’s, but this time we only saw one lonely kangaroo mom with her baby at the parking place (see picture 19). As there weren’t kangaroos around, we decided to walk down to the lake (pictures 21 and the last one), where we looked at the gorgeous sunset and a yawning pelican. The clouds and reflection in the water were the pefect backdrop for pictures.

I’m  feeling truly happy to live in a country with a warm climate throughout the year and with such a rich nature. Not sure if my boyfriend and I will stay in Australia forever, but what I do know is that I would preferably never live in a country with a cold climate again…

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