Moving fast

Today I’m having sort of a workout hangover, if I may call it so. I’ve been doing some power walking yesterday morning (which I didn’t do a very long time) and in the evening I played indoor soccer.
Ofcourse I woke up today with the worst muscle ace ever. I literally feel the pain everywhere! I’m gonna try to keep up the good work out spirit, though. I’m planning to do some power walking every morning the coming weeks. I took these outfit pictures a few days ago in Kingspark. It’s such a great spot to take pictures. The view is ofcourse beautiful but most of all: the light is always perfect. I wore a dress which I recently bought for 5 dollar. What a joke! I was in the mood to wear a bit of a “flashy” outfit that day, so I decided to pair the dress with a silver jacket. Another weekend is starting, are you guys looking forward to it? For some reason, I feel like the weeks are flying by. Which is a good thing, I guess. Tomorrow it’s Australia day, a public holiday, so I’m curious what it’s gonna be like. One thing is for sure: fireworks!

    Pictures by H. Mounzer

Zara jacket and bag
Cotton on dress
H&M heels
Imago designs bracelet
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